Brand Development

Your brand is arguable more important than anything else. It is what keeps you in your customers minds and makes you recognizable after advertising. A consistent message and appearance is critical to establishing a strong brand for your business. We handle everything from new logo designs to branding guides that will keep you on track through all of your marketing avenues. We make brand development simple, easy and powerful.

Be recognizable

There is no reason your company should not strive for the same brand recognition as some of the brands to the left. A consistent appearance and strategic message are a few of the things we can help with. Knowing your market and customer base is crucial to positioning your business accordingly. Our goal at White Pooch is for your community and audience to know your name and logo before they ever give you a call.

Brand Development

Purposeful changes

Make changes to your brand with a purpose and strategic goal. Let us take the wheel in developing a pallet of logo designs and color schemes for you to choose from. Once we decide on a solid direction we will produce a branding guide for you to keep and utilize in all of your marketing communications.

Case Study-Harley Davidson

"In 1982, Harley-Davidson had no money of its own," CEO Richard Teerlink told Harvard MBA students in 2003. "We were $90 million in debt, and bankers weren't willing to loan us a penny. We had a good brand and loyal customers, but we weren't generating a profit because we didn't have a quality product at that point. We had to improve the quality of our product to be fair to the customer. If we hadn't improved the reliability of Harley-Davidson products, the company wouldn't be here today."

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